The evolution of Marketing: from Traditional to Dynamic

Check out the evolution of Marketing, from its traditional model to the dynamic one that unites Marketing and Technology to transform the relationship between companies and clients. 

While digital transformations are constantly shaping the market, Marketing is adapting to this movement by incorporating technologies that enhance the ability to connect with consumers.

This connectivity allows consumers to have even greater influence over brands, since the online environment encourages the constant exchange of information. In this way, all comments are potentiated whether positive or negative. 

On the other hand, in a scenario where consumers are demanding and the level of competitiveness between brands is increasing, companies must see an opportunity to escape commonness and stand out in the market.

With strategies focused on improving the purchase journey and making Customer Experience a priority, it is possible to create unique connections with consumers and generate real results, such as: loyalty building, churn reduction, increased average sales frequency and higher lifetime value. 

And along this path, Dynamic Marketing has to be your ally. Understand how Marketing has evolved from its more traditional form to the dynamism that characterizes it today. 

Understand how each Marketing model works and how it developed over time:

Traditional Marketing

You probably know Traditional Marketing as Outbound Marketing. In this modality, all actions are carried out with the aim of reaching the masses through offline channels and resources. By valuing exposure in mainstream media such as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, Traditional Marketing offers more reliability to the companies that use it. However, despite impacting many people (especially older audience), this type of marketing campaigns are limited in terms of segmentation, personalization and measurement.

Digital Marketing

With the coming and evolution of the Internet, especially in the last decade, Marketing has had to go digital and enter a new consumer environment. Responding to this change, Digital Marketing emerged. Seeking to meet customer expectations in the face of an increasing variety of products and services available, this Marketing method bases its actions and strategies on online channels. In this way, integrated communications and relationship guidelines can be created for specific audience segments, increasing the personalization of campaigns. 

Dynamic Marketing

Driven by consumer data and based on technologies that enable real time interaction between brands and customers, Dynamic Marketing Dynamic Marketing is consolidating itself as the new era of Marketing. Data collection is automated to capture consumer information during interactions with all touchpoints of the brand, generating relevant insights about audience needs and consumption behavior. Based on a thorough analysis of this material, Dynamic Marketing works with a high level of personalization and dynamism to target customers with specific content and connect them to the ideal products and services.

New on the national market, Dynamic Marketing transforms the relationship between companies and clients, encouraging Customer Experience and building loyalty. Want to know more? Click here and download the first complete material about Dynamic Marketing in Brazil, developed by Indico!

Main differences between each model


  • Traditional Marketing: Product, Place, Price and Promotion
  • Digital Marketing: Integrated marketing communications
  • Dynamic Marketing: Customer Experience


  • Traditional Marketing: campaign reach
  • Digital Marketing: Consumer response
  • Dynamic Marketing: Lifetime value of customer experience (CXLV)


  • Traditional Marketing: Broad demographics with mass campaigns
  • Digital Marketing: More specific target segments
  • Dynamic Marketing: Current and potential customers are grouped into micro-segments.

About Indico

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