Employee Loyalty: how to build employee loyalty

What is Employee Loyalty? 

Customer loyalty is very important, but did you know that besides taking care of your external public, you also need to take care of your internal public? In other words, your employees. The first good impact of your brand needs to be on them, after all, how can you promote your company if even your employees don't like it? So, employee loyalty is about employee loyalty. 

In a connected world, we are bombarded with new job opportunities, which instigates a whole new generation of employees to switch jobs whenever a better opportunity arises. 

This employee turnover can become a problem for companies: hiring expenses, adaptation time and training are essential, but carrying out this same process several times can turn your company into a training machine for competitors, after all employees do not stay in your company long enough. 

New generations are looking for places where they can feel secure, have recognition, connect to a purpose and not just work for a salary. Very different from the idea of their predecessors, who arrived in the labour market looking for a stable, lifetime job. 

With this in mind, it is important to hire loyal employees who are not only committed to their salaries, but align themselves with the company and its ideals

How can I build loyalty among my employees? 

Firstly, you need to understand that your employees don't just need money, but a healthy environment to work in. Some of the biggest complaints from employees are related to poor management, but various complaints about work can arise. 

Start by improving the environment through a few key actions:

  • Get to know your team and show you trust them;
  • Have good, experienced leaders who know how to manage employees;
  • Provide realistic but respectful feedback, and be open to receiving feedback from the team as well;
  • Praise jobs well done and celebrate good results with the team;
  • Look for new talent within the company, know how to recognise when employees deserve to move up or change positions; 
  • Offer training and courses for employees to grow together with the company; 
  • Understand the pains of employees and be supportive in times of need. 

Remember to also understand how the mindset of the younger generation works. Be open to understanding what the demands are, negotiate satisfactory options for everyone and constantly build a pleasant working environment. 

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