Top Club - Johnson & Johnson: support in retail management and team incentive

Trade marketing and incentive management in retail is not an easy task. At the stores there is the need of Johnson & Johnson products organization, so it is always necessary that a staff member checks the product shelves of a store.

In order to connect Johnson & Johnson with distributors and retailers and optimise results, Indico has developed a rewards web-platform, where employees earn points by accomplishing the task of sending photos of the shelves with the brand's products. These points can be exchanged for rewards inside the platform.

A major advantage of this platform is that installation of the application is not necessary. All that is needed to use it is access to the internet, making it even easier to use and without taking up memory space on the phones of employees.

And not only the retail workers are benefited by the app, but the web-platform was an absolute success and received an award for the platform's design.