We create concepts, technologies and solutions. The whole process is carried out here, in a personalized way, to achieve your purpose. They are a facilitating agent of the processes, implemented and adapted according to the need.

Marketing platform that creates personalized and targeted campaigns using Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms. With G.AI.A you will understand your customers transactions and behaviors to build relevant and personalized experiences.

Lead Management Platform

Solution that distributes and manages leads in a simple and objective way, connecting future customers with sellers, allowing you to monitor and control the entire sales journey.
Fundamental for the company that wants to control the effectiveness of the lead service, transforming an opportunity into a sales reality.


The most complete Speech Analytics solution on the market. Based on A.I., it transcribes, monitors and evaluates 100% of the telephone conversations between the contact center and its customer. Scuta.ai transforms data into intelligence to improve processes, scripts and sales conversions, as well as helping in management and decision making.


An "as a service" solution that creates and manages campaigns and complete loyalty programs, from "earn" to "burn". Simple and flexible, the platform is API-based, integrated with worldwide rewards catalogs and a digital Wallet to redeem points for cash.


Indico's Artificial Intelligence. A "real-time data'' solution that powers your customers purchasing behavior with a single click. It scans digital coupon using cognitive computing for all receipt formats, making it perfect for use in advertising campaigns, loyalty programs and promotions.


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