Branding and Digital Presence: How to create unforgettable brands

Branding and Digital Presence are two essential requirements for building unforgettable brands. Discover each one of them and learn how to use them in your company!  


You probably know brands that are memorable and that you consider to be references in their market segments. A quick reflection may help you identify which are your top-of-mind brands. Think about:

  • Beverage brand
  • Car brand
  • Technology brand
  • Streaming brand

The brands that came to your mind are probably the ones you have daily contact with or that have an effective brand management that arouses feelings in consumers and integrates concept, mission, values, and visual identity. That is branding!

A good branding plan should address elements such as marketing, reputation, design, experience, sales funnel and and integrated advertising. Memorable brands are not remembered only for their purposes or for their logos, but rather for what they represent as a whole.

Before structuring a branding strategy in your company, think about how the brand is currently established, why it should be improved or redesigned, and how this will impact customer behavior.  

Digital Presence

In addition to well-structured branding, memorable brands must generate touchpoints in all communication channels in which their target audiences are present. This means that at the time when customers are immersed in the online universe, it is necessary for brands to establish a digital presence

Digital presence is nothing more than the creation of a virtual environment for the brand through channels with which customers can interact, such as website, blog, and social networks. This strategy can also be complemented with the creation of relevant content and SEO, increasing the chances of the brand being found in search engines.  

Having a digital presence is fundamental for companies that want to establish omnichannel communication, joining all the touchpoints with the customer to create an integrated and more interactive experience.  It is also possible to go beyond online and adopt the phygital in which physical and digital environments complement each other.

At what stage is your brand?

Understand at what stage your brand is when it comes to Branding and Digital Presence:

  • Beginner: your brand has no defined identity and goals yet. 
  • Intermediate: your brand has already defined values and a strong offline identity, but is not digitally present yet.  
  • Advanced: the audience trusts your brand, and it already has touchpoints established online.  
  • Expert: your brand's identity and communication is integrated offline and online, creating a memorable experience for the consumer.  

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