Case: Bolão do Méqui - Indico & Arcos Dorados

In the year of the World Cup, one of the most eagerly awaited sporting events, we identified the opportunity to provide fun and benefits for Brazilians by uniting two of their great passions: soccer and McDonald's .

That's why we developed Bolão do Méqui, a project that brought together data, technology, innovation and creativity. In an immersive digital environment, participants made their guesses on World Cup matches, won daily prizes (such as discount coupons), competed in a national ranking to win up to a year's free McDonald's, created leagues to compete with their friends and accessed exclusive media such as stickers and audios. 

We participated in the complete creation and implementation of the project, carrying out the conceptualization of the platform, the idealization of usability and layout, the creation of assets such as stickers and exclusive audios, the creation of the statistical model, the definition of tie-breaker rules, the integration for reading game results and statistics in real time, the calculation of bettor points, the general ranking of participants, and the distribution of coupons.

As a result, this successful project attracted public attention, encouraged app registrations, provided differentiated experiences and promoted brand engagement.