Cashback: all about the dynamics of "cash back

Getting your money back after a purchase has become more common than we imagine. Cashback has become popular in Brazil and is extremely practical and advantageous for consumers.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has become part of consumers' routine and with this, companies have been trying to make themselves more attractive to new consumers. Thus, cashback has become a solution for this. 

The English term "Cashback" literally means "money back". When the consumer makes a purchase, he receives part of the value back. This dynamic has been present in the international market since 1998 and in Brazil since 2011, but its popularisation began in 2019 and since then it has only grown. 

How does Cashback work?

Cashback has come to replace simple programmes for accumulating points and makes it possible to receive part of the amount spent on a purchase. The return is not always full: the customer can receive from 0.5% to 100% of the amount according to the partner companies, the selected products and the cashback benefit used

Cashback is an incentive to purchase, so if the consumer makes a purchase for $ 300.00 and the company offers a 20% cashback, for example, he will actually spend $ 240.00. Returning to the customer part of the money, the company gains in credibility, loyalty and starts to reach more people through the platforms announced. 

Each platform works in a different way, but in general, after a purchase, the cashback amount is stored in the consumer's account and can be redeemed after a certain period or a minimum required amount .

About PontoE

Currently, the Point E has the largest cashback in the Brazilian market, being totally focused on education. That is, when the consumer makes a purchase, the money that is returned can be used in courses, study and work materials, books, electronic equipment, graduations and more.

Using the app is super simple, just download, register and start buying products from partner brands on the app. Thus, you can invest in education, work and in your future.