Toyota Cycle - Toyota Bank: interactive content and hyper-personalization

Toyota Bank has different options and unique offers for each client when it comes time to change their car. Working with personalization in this scenario seemed like a challenge, so Indico created an exclusive communication guideline for those who are already clients of the Toyota Cycle.

Several touchpoints were set up using different channels and social networks that are a novelty in the use of automated guidelines, reaching only customers at the time of contract renewal.

The experience a customer goes through on their journey to a brand is personalized and 100% unique to each client, starting with the landing page that, based on a simulator,presents the car price and the installments, showing the best proposal. But it is also possible to change the parameters and access new options, allowing the client to create their own proposal.

In addition to the landing page, each client receives and sees an ultra-personalized video created automatically. About 15,000 varied and fully customized films are made per month. Customers also receive follow-up emails as well as SMS.