How to communicate a loyalty program

One of the best ways to turn customers into repeat buyers are loyalty programs, but knowing how to communicate the program to keep your customers engaged can be a real challenge. 

By communicating the program in the right way it is possible to bring in new customers and keep existing ones, as well as encourage them to stay in the program and consume more. 

That said, here are some tips on how to communicate your loyalty program. 


A good first impression is very important, so send a simple welcome email, introducing yourself quickly and explaining some information about the program, including the benefits the customer is getting - always making him feel welcomed by the brand.

Following that, send an e-book, article or step-by-step, on how to log in for the first time, as well as detailed information on what the customer should expect from the program, participation rules, how to earn more, purchase coupons, have a more active participation within the program and more. 

Don't forget to include answers to the public's most common questions about the program and show which communication channels the customer should use if they have questions. 

First-time purchase 

The message after the first purchase is one of the most important: the goal of this is not only to communicate, but to show the customer that you recognize his decision to trust the brand, and to send offers, or coupons, as a form of thanks. 

It is also important to communicate about the evolution of the participant in the program from this first purchase, motivating him to continue participating.


Maintaining a line of communication is very important, especially to communicate changes in levels, new promotions, new benefits, and also product updates, the latter to show that the brand is always evolving. 

Receiving these communications should be optional, but always show the importance of receiving updates, so that the client wishes to continue being informed. It is important to maintain a direct communication without excesses, after all, nobody likes to receive thousands of e-mails every week, besides pop ups, messages, and others. 


Commemorative dates are important, so send messages, coupons, and discounts on important days, such as relevant commemorative dates, users' birthdays, or even anniversary of program usage time. 

Planned communication for seasonal occasions is a good way to send "treats" and make the customer feel special. This type of communication has the power to leave a big positive impact on the audience, even more so because it is individual. 

Sense of community

Emails, pop-ups, and automated messages are ideal for showing how much you care about your audience, but that alone doesn't create a sense of community, more is needed. 

Creating a community is important, so encouraging customers to share, like and engage with the brand is the right way to go.Encouraging customers, even if in exchange for a benefit, to connect is a way to make them exchange positive experiences creating a sense of community and giving them motivation to keep consuming

A few more tips

Segment your content to make it more and more personalized, think about differences such as new, old, frequent or sporadic customers. Segmentation allows for optimization, and gives you more chances to test different ways to communicate with different audiences

Don't forget to warn about points and promotions that are about to expire, this prevents you from having liability for the loss of points and builds customer confidence in your brand. Moreover, these are the emails that cause more clicks, increase conversion rates, and also encourage the customer to redeem more points in the next purchase

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