Customer engagement: what it is, main characteristics

An engagement strategy can be the key to your loyalty program, understand in today's article what the elements are that make up engagement and bring this strategy to your company.

Engagement strategies are used with the goal of getting the public to return to the company's services, or products, not only on a quality level, but on an emotional level. For this, a team that communicates efficiently and with active listening is essential.

The customer service team must pay attention to customer interactions with the brand in all communication channels, answering questions, complaints and suggestions, as well as compliments. Since the public can express themselves on and off the internet, through various channels, every form of communication must be thought through with consistency in the look and tone of voice, to make it clear that it is the company talking.

In social media, it is necessary to pay attention to a well-structured language, along with content designed to attract the customer and create a space for interaction between the public and the brand, always ensuring a good experience.

As we have pointed out before, internet interactions are not the only ways of relating to the public, so it is necessary to think of traditional campaigns that also follow the same language and tone as the rest of the company's identity. Remembering that the client must always be seen as an active participant of the brand

Moreover, the brand needs to have its causes and purposes well defined to create personality, generate value perception and contribution to society, approaching the target audience in a rational and emotional way.

To start an engagement strategy, we can base ourselves on four principles:

  • Personal: The more personal an experience, the greater the chances of success in identifying the public with the brand, a strategy based on personalization can be very useful in attracting the customer's attention;
  • Predictive: Knowing what the consumer wants and needs is part of a good strategy, once the brand interacts with its audience it is easier to know their pains and solve them before they become an actual problem;
  • Proactivity: Offering discounts, gifts, or services without the customer expecting it can be an assertive move. The better you know your customer, the easier it will be to get him to have a good experience; 
  • Presence: The public, in general, likes to be connected to their preferred brands, so it is necessary to be present in several channels and ensure that the experience is the same by phone, chat, instagram, twitter and more.

Customer Engagement

Engagement is one of the most efficient strategies to achieve loyalty, focusing on creating an emotional relationship with the public. This way, the client becomes a brand advocate and tends to prefer it over the competition.

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