Customer Engagement: What is it, what are the types

Marketing is constantly changing. When you think about it, two of the main components are technology and people. Due to the development of new technologies, the way people interact with each other changes. This means that brands need to change their customer engagement strategies accordingly.

Customer engagement is a key factor in the success of your marketing strategy, whether you are B2B or B2C. 

Customer engagement is a set of brand interactions with the audience, strategically designed to attract, retain, and keep them loyal.  

Far beyond "liking" a product or service, engagement is the participation, interaction, and contribution of the customer in a spontaneous way.

A person may find your products or services without ever having been captivated by campaigns, but from the moment the interaction begins you need to create a relationship that encourages them to never leave your company.

Types of Engagement

  • Contextual 

When we know our customers well, we know their buying patterns, generating offer opportunities. 

For this kind of engagement to be useful, it is necessary to invest in research, technologies, and professionals that allow you to know and understand audience patterns, looking at their history and their actions in real time. 

Sending coupons at certain times of the day, or depending on their location, reminding them to stop by your store and get a "treat" or a discount, make the experience more personalized and put your company in the consumers' daily context.

  • By Convenience 

It is the engagement that comes from the ease with which the customer can get something from the desired brand. It makes it easier for the public to get your products, or services, without the company having to offer them

These facilities reduce friction in the buying journey, further improving interactions. 

  • Emotional 

Ignoring the emotionality of the consumer is a mistake made by many companies.

Feelings are one of the main factors in the purchase decision during the customer journey.

Affective bonds can be related to colors, images, sounds, smells, and more. Using consumer management technologies it is possible to map out the ideal environment for an individual to make a favorable decision more quickly and consistently.

  • Social Engagement 

Good and bad experiences are shared daily on all social media and what is said about your company cannot be ignored. Investing in good experiences is a positive step, because then the word of mouth for the service, or product, will be largely favorable. 

Besides ensuring a good experience, coherent brand positioning is always necessary to create identification with the audience. One current way is to tie the brand to digital influencers that are relevant to the target audience. These partnerships must be structured in a way that follows the brand's purpose, mission, and values.

The presence in social actions is also important. Current consumers, and especially future generations, are increasingly giving importance to companies that not only deliver a quality product or service, but also care and act to evolve society and the environment in which they operate.

Customer Engagement

Engagement is one of the most useful strategies to achieve loyalty, focusing on creating an emotional relationship with the audience. This way the customer becomes a brand advocate and tends to prefer it over the competition.

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