Gamification: how to use it in loyalty programmes?

Gamification is a strategy within Loyalty used to transform the customer journey into a differentiated, innovative and fun experience. Game elements are used to maintain interest in the content created. 

What is gamification? 

In short, it is the use of game elements within strategies, but how does it work? Basically, with the use of rules, scores and the completion of tasks, it is possible to create motivations for the customer. This way, they become more and more interested in continuing the steps, just like in a video game.

Games have objectives, as do their consumers, who are also moved by the interest created from overcoming obstacles and the achievements that come as a consequence. The idea of competition is at the heart of the process and for this to be fair, everyone must know the rules and their objectives and participation must be voluntary

Gamification is one of the best ways to build customer loyaltyIt generates more interaction and engagement. Moreover, this dynamic model encourages consumers to share their experience with others, promoting the brand organically .

What are the principles and elements of gamification? 

Even though the focus is on audience interaction, this is not all that characterises a gamification strategy. First, we need to know the elements required for this type of strategy

  • Clear and unchangeable rules 
  • A good storyline to follow
  • Different levels of difficulty 
  • Time to complete tasks
  • Scoring system 
  • Feedback and reward system 

These are the basic rules for starting a game with your customers, but you also need to think about a well-developed interface. For the dynamic to promote Customer Experience, you need to know your persona very well to know what kind of player they will be and thus develop a captivating journey. 

Some tips on gamification

Players don't stay engaged only when they are winning, but when they feel they are in control of the situation. So create a dynamic where your customer feels in charge. By developing a stimulating environment, the user will continue to participate in the game even if they don't always win. 

Gamification is one of the biggest trends in the loyalty market. To learn about other strategies that are on the rise, check out our full range of materials:

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