Growth Marketing: what it is and how to use it in your company

Most companies today are focused on growth strategies and brand engagement. With this in mind, Growth Marketing is a strategy that uses marketing, communication, and BI tools to create relevant opportunities and interactions with your customers.

Growth Marketing aims to increase the exponential growth of the company through customized strategies focused on the medium and long term, focused on branding and on mapping the audience to generate strategies for a closer relationship.

Knowing that there is an analysis and a reason for each step of the process, Growth Marketing is used with the intent of constantly generating new leads, as well as keeping existing customers loyal and engaged.

Marketing, Growth Marketing and Growth Hacking

Marketing itself is geared toward sales and awareness generation, working through established traditional channels. Even though it works well, nowadays traditional marketing alone is not enough to meet the needs of a brand. 

With this in mind, Growth Marketing focuses on the constant growth of the brand, as well as retention and acquisition through consistent actions and well-defined goals. It uses the most current strategies, in addition to A/B tests, cross channel and scientific analysis and tests.

Many may still confuse Growth Marketing with Growth Hacking. Growth Hackingwhich is focused on new opportunities for the company, with short-term results, and has more experimental strategies.

How to implement Growth Marketing

  • Target Audience: Know who is consuming your brand's content. Define a target audience and drill down into your brand's different customer niches to create targeted campaigns for each one.
  • Potential customers: Get your audience to know you by being present on various channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, and Pinterest, creating opportunities for new customers to come to your business.
  • Content: Different types of content relevant to your audience can be used to leverage your brand, such as e-books, articles, posts, and videos. 
  • Reaching the customer: Discount coupons, contests, and prizes are a good way to engage them further with the company, and you can use these resources to create surveys and find out more about the customer. 
  • Testing: You need to collect and analyze data to compare and improve the strategies used, because not every strategy works for every company. 

About Indico

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We create solutions that drive relationships and transform results. Disruptive campaigns, programs and projects that connect ideas, innovation, data and technology to engage, delight and retain customers. Data-driven, we generate insights and new opportunities, evolving the customer experience with the brand. 

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