Job to be Done: how to understand your customer better

The Job to be Done helps brands to understand the needs of each customer at the moment of purchase, which leads to greater satisfaction and loyalty.

The Job to be Done was created by business administrator and professor Clayton Christensen to simplify the identification and creation of solutions based on the consumers' context. 

For the purchase journey, the context can be defined as the set of factors that guide the consumer's needs. Through this element, we identify the customer, their desires and motivations at the moment of buying a product or service.  

In Dynamic Marketing, context is built from real-time data capture, since each consumer interaction with the brand generates insights about their desires and needs. 

When a consumer interacts with a brand to use its product or service, they choose it to solve a problem or achieve a goal. Therefore, the Job to be Done by the company will help the individual to solve this need. 

Meanwhile this need can be classified as functional, social or emotional.  

Check out the following example, considering the circumstance of a young person who wants to live alone:

  • Functional need: "I want to leave my parents' house to be more independent." 
  • Social need: "My family expects me to do this on my own, but I need financial help."
  • Emotional need: "I feel guilty for abandoning my parents and leaving the house I grew up in."

By identifying customer needs at the moment they interact with the brand to find a product/service, companies are able to perform in a more assertive and satisfying way through targeted actions. 

By understanding what their Job to be Done is and analyzing their purchase journey, the company can determine the best strategy to move the customer to the next step in the journey, that is, their next-best-action.

Dynamic Marketing

Job to be Done, context, and next-best-action are some of the fundamental concepts of Dynamic Marketing, the combination of Marketing and Technology that is new in the Brazilian market and will transform the relationship between your company and its customers. 

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