Customer Relationship Manifest

The process of reviewing and rethinking the way companies interact with their customers has had well defined "milestones" and, at different times, has needed to be reinvented. Many professionals ( not that many) have witnessed the birth, death and resurrection of CRM.

During these many years, several manifests and statements were made and written, but with the development of new technologies, increased competition and customer empowerment, many of them were lost along the way or are outdated.

We are actively participating in this scenario. This Manifest is a statement of the basic fundamentals of your customer relationship process (call it CRM if you like).  

We believe that:

1. There is a start: you need to know your customer. To do this, structure your DBM/BigData/Data Lake or DataMart, whatever you call it.

2. Don't get overwhelmed by the flood of acronyms and buzzwords, put your greatest asset at the center of your initiatives: the customer.

3. Adopting a customer relationship project means changing the way your company works, your incentives, your goals, your metrics and your organization.

4. Big Data, at first, is about the customer data your company already has, don't search for more, you probably won't know what to do with it.

5. It's not about the technology or the software your company is using. People and processes are what matters.

6. Implementing a CRM system will not solve the problem on its own.  

7. Less is more. Do better marketing, not more marketing. 

8. Don't look for differences, but look for similarities among your customers. It is too easy to find the differences.

9. Start small, so that you can implement something big and sustainable.

10. Homegrown healers don't always work wonders, so seek expert help. The "treatment" can be faster and more effective.

11. Transparency must be the foundation of the relationship with your clients. More and more, they understand what you mean by " no".

12. Map the touchpoints, the interactions your customers make and how engaged they are. Take advantage of those moments with relevant offers.

13. Relevance is the name of the game. It's a simple function of content and context.

14. If you can't be on every channel consistently, don't be.

15. Information about consumers is not the property of the CRM area, it belongs to the customer. It only makes sense to exist if it is shared with the other departments of the company, especially those who talk to customers.

16. Metrics are important. Measure before, during and after every action with the customer. What justifies the investment is the result.

17. Customer relationship is a journey, a path, an eternal process with no return, don't treat it as a destination.

We build relationship programs, study journeys, analyze data, and transform all this into actions and campaigns focused on increasing engagement. This rich history of successes and mistakes has given us a deep understanding of consumers. The recipe is big, but simpler than it seems. Let our manifest to help you to reflect on how your brand is relating to your client and inspire great actions.