Dynamic Marketing: the new age of Marketing

In a data-driven world, how do you turn it into marketing strategies that engage, delight and build loyalty?

With the immersion in the phygital universe, where physical and digital complement each other and with the incessant exchange of information online, it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture customers' attention. 

In the hyper-connected society, users are overwhelmed by advertising across all channels. Thus, product-centric campaigns that are broadcast to the mass public are overlooked. 

To withstand the avalanche of digital information and advertising, you really need to put the customer at the center of your strategy and recognize the specific needs and desires of each individual. 

In this way, companies become capable of joining data and Marketing to create highly personalised campaigns and communications that dialogue with each consumer profile of the brand. 

Searching for this Marketing strategy definition, which is already used by Indico in several engagement and loyalty projects, we came across Dynamic Marketing. This method is already widely known and used in North America and Europe, but little explored and unknown in Brazil. 

Therefore, based on our previous successful cases and on research from Northwestern University, we are presenting the first complete overview on Dynamic Marketing in Brazil!

Known as the revolution of Traditional and Digital Marketing, Dynamic Marketing promises the transformation of the purchase journey based on the use of technologies that allow the creation of personalized content, as well as the generation of insights about advancing the customer journey and providing unforgettable shopping experiences. 

After reading this, you will understand the concept of Dynamic Marketing, its fundamental concepts and how to apply it in your company. 

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