McDonald's and Coca-Cola: Rolá y Ganá | Rueda y Gana

Among all the difficulties faced by businesses with Covid-19, the operational restrictions added to the public's insecurity have caused new challenges: how to keep sales going when the doors are closed?

Believe me, even McDonald's and Coca-Cola have been feeling the impact to adapt to the changes in the shortest possible time in order to prevent losses.
With the sales drop in restaurants and in AutoMac, the chain's drive-thru, both brands saw an unique opportunity to transform this channel into the largest sales channel of the period.

So McDonald's and Coca-Cola collaborated with Indico to create Rolá y Ganá in Argentina and Rueda y Gana in Colombia. These projects had the main objectives of increasing frequency of purchases in the AutoMac and also capturing first-party data (registration, transactions and purchasing behavior), which allows McDonald's and Coca-Cola to know their customers, their purchasing behavior and consumption habits. 

In this campaign, everyone wins: through the McDonald's app, participants send their purchase data and are rewarded with exclusive gifts that encourage them to return to Automac. 

The results of this partnership were amazing: besides +20% increase in new registrations to AutoMac's client base, Indico received the award at MMA Smarties Hispanic 2021, in the Data and Insights category.  

Want to know how we united Technology and Loyalty to develop this successful case with McDonald's and Coca-Cola? Check out the video below:

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