Next Best Action: how to indicate the best action to your customer

Understand the concept of Next Best Action and learn how to evolve your customer throughout the purchase journey. 

Before implementing the Next Best Action, you need to master the concept of job to be done to identify the customer's needs and understand what problem they seek to solve with the product/service offered by your brand. 

Only then company can define which strategy works best to move the customer to the next step in the journey, that is, their next best action.

The next best action can be an ad, a Social Media communication, a call-to-action, a promotion or any other action that encourages customers to move forward in the purchase journey.

Through the use of technologies, such as AI, the next best action can be customized for each customer profile based on their online behavior and their previous interactions with the brand. 

The next best action methodology is used mainly during conversion, improving a company's ability to turn a potential consumer into an active customer . At this stage, the focus is on moving the customer along the journey and identifying the next best action

This next best action can be an offer, promotion or service that aligns the consumer's needs with the company's objectives. 

Its identification is made through data analysis, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, aiming to help the consumer make the best decision allowing the company to optimize the experience offered along with advancing in their work. 

Remember that well-analyzed metrics evolve your customer journey by generating insights into new strategies for next best action. In addition, your customer data shows how leads become active customers, which is essential for the development of loyalty programs. 

Dynamic Marketing

The next best action is a fundamental concept for Dynamic Marketing, a Marketing model that has technology as an ally to promote Customer Experience, build customer loyalty and deliver the best results for your company.

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