Omnichannel: what it is and how to integrate with your sales channels

How to establish an integrated communication with customers through various touchpoints? Understand what omnichannel is and the importance of this strategy for your company.  

With the advance of the Internet and social media, companies have become multichannel, meaning they have established points of contact on various channels to communicate with their customers. 

But that strategy has been left behind. In multichannel, communication channels are treated independently and priority is given to the product, not the customer.

This doesn't match the desires and needs of today's consumers. Today, they seek unique and innovative experiences with the brands they choose to consume. And this is only possible through omnichannel.

What is omnichannel?

Omnichannel is the strategy that unites and integrates all communication channels that a company establishes with its clients (online and offline), aiming at improving the consumer experience. 

It is important to remember that in this case we shouldn't consider the literal meaning of the word, since omni means "all" and channel means "channel". Being omnichannel goes far beyond simply using all communication channels. 

Unlike the multichannel strategy, omnichannel prioritizes the customer over the product. Since the touchpoints are integrated, they function simultaneously, which allows the development homogeneous and efficient communication

Consequently, the purchase journey becomes more smooth and the consumer's experience is optimized. 

Why should you use omnichannel strategy? 

Using all touch points in an integrated way makes communication no longer bulky and repetitive, but clear and understandable. This is directly related to a more intuitive buying process and increased customer satisfaction.

When it comes to customer attraction and retention, it is essential for a company to adopt an omnichannel strategy, since all contacts with the audience are needed to support loyalty initiatives and maintain personalized communication.

In addition, research by Annex Cloud found that companies with strong omnichannel strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies with few omnichannel strategies. 

How to be omnichannel?

Now that you know what omnichannel is and how it can be a great ally to optimize the consumer experience and build customer loyalty, all you have to do is put it into practice. 

First of all, learn about the phygital strategy, which integrates the physical and the digital and is essential for the development of omnichannel communication. Click here to read the full article.

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