Singularity and future of the customer relationship

Every day we hear more and more about the singularity. In these situations, most people are referring to the extraordinary speed in technological advances, in which Artificial Intelligence is capable of causing relevant changes in society and in the way we live. Being used in a specific way in several areas of knowledge, the concept of uniqueness is broader and refers to the way we present physical and behavioral characteristics of human beings that differ from what is considered standard.

In the past decades, the way we related to customers and consumers was good enough (good enough for companies and good enough for the customer), but with the search for excellence, better results, the use of exponential technologies by companies and the empowerment of the customer, enough is no longer enough.

Of course the ways in which we treat, communicate and relate with our customers are influenced by all these movements, but we need to look back and recover an ingredient that is being left behind in this new digitalized and singular world: YOU.

It is you, in this transitional time, that enables the technological singularity, these digital changes, the growth of disintermediation and automation. We know that this is a path of no return.

The way customers choose, research, buy and complain will never be the same. These new cognitive and psychological characteristics of development are called human uniqueness.

Winning or losing a customer has never been easier or faster. What are you doing to change this? How will you and your company survive in this storm of changes? Just being disruptive (another word with a technology bias) is no longer enough, because that is the basic black. Yes, we can use the new technologies in the process of simulating, predicting, acting, but not in the process of "BEING".

If companies want to survive in this new singular world, the technology, company, customer relationship, necessarily, has to go through a radical change in the understanding of "BEING", in fostering creativity, imagination, compassion, ethics, morals and values, in other words, focus on human thinking. 

Only human thinking is capable of human insights and the wisdom to use them. Customers will only relate to companies and brands because of their own created experiences. 

Created by humans.

By Christiano Ranoya, CEO of Indico.