Total Customer Experience: what is it?

What is Customer Loyalty?

Before you understand what Total Customer Experience is, you need to understand what Customer Loyalty is. 

Imagine that a consumer is choosing among two brands: the first one doesn't use loyalty strategies yet, while the second one has a loyalty program that rewards its customers for using its products/services.

It is very likely that the consumer will choose the second brand, as he understands that with it there will be an exchange relationship in which both parties benefit.

However, nurturing a one-to-one relationship with a client is a challenge, requiring the application of specific processes and skills.

In addition, for some time now, customer loyalty has ceased to be synonymous with "points program": it is necessary to create continuous relationship and engagement strategies seeking to approach the public in a genuine way, considering their desires and needs.

There are several modalities that can and should be explored by companies according to their customers' preferences: cashback, premium services, crypto rewards, among others.

It is also worth remembering that these days they go hand in hand. So consider hyper-personalization, data and artificial intelligence to create a loyalty framework where each customer is served in a completely individualized way.

Customer Relationship Management 

Another concept that is directly linked to Total Customer Experience is CRM.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is widely known for encompassing tools and technologies that automate customer contact to perform follow-ups and encourage new sales. 

A survey by Insight Technology Group of Boulder revealed that the main objectives of companies when using CRM platforms are:

  1. Attracting new customers
  2. Increasing the average customer ticket
  3. Reducing costs
  4. Improve customer loyalty and relationships 

However, when CRM is not used with a focus on customer experience, it is not possible to generate a relationship of mutual loyalty. After all, the customer will feel that this relationship is only transactional. 

To drive loyalty, companies must bring an integrated view to CRM, making it work as one of the pillars of the Total Customer Experience. 

Total Customer Experience 

So, at the end of the day, what is Total Customer Experience? 

In general, it is the customer experience as we know it today, but with a more global approach - all sectors of the company are mobilized to provide a good experience for the customer, from the moment of brand discovery to post-purchase and loyalty. 

This term is gradually replacing Customer Experience, as companies adopt a customer-centric culture to anticipate their needs, offer the right solutions and keep them loyal . ‍

Total Loyalty

The concepts presented above are directly related to Total Loyalty, a market novelty that will transform the way companies create loyalty strategies for their customers, employees and supply chain. 

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