Total Loyalty: what it is, how to apply, advantages

Get to know this new market innovation that will transform the way companies create loyalty strategies for all their stakeholders

When it comes to Loyalty, we always tend to think of loyalty programs aimed at a company's customers. After all, Customer Loyalty is present in the most diverse businesses that wish to develop a loyal relationship with consumers - and this relationship currently goes beyond the transactional. 

Loyal customers not only buy more, they are also great advocates of the brand and make a point of referring it to friends and family, helping to attract new customers. 

Loyalty also has a direct impact on reducing company costs, as attracting new customers costs around five to seven times more than keeping a current customer. 

Although Customer Loyalty provides many benefits, there are other forms of loyalty that are sometimes forgotten or overlooked, but which significantly influence the success of companies: we are talking about Supply Chain Loyalty and Employee L oyalty.

These strategies encompass a number of actions aimed at building loyalty and encouraging the company's supply chain members and employees, respectively, by stimulating continuous improvement. As a result, there is an increase in the proactivity, creativity and efficiency of all processes .

When we combine Customer Loyalty, Supply Chain Loyalty and Employee Loyalty, we get Total Loyalty, a market first that will transform the way companies build lasting, true and mutual relationships with all their stakeholders

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