Black Friday and loyalty programs: how to align strategies

Your loyalty program strategies can be very useful in engaging your customers during Black Friday.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to convert new leads and engage loyal customers. To take advantage of the opportunity, companies need to prepare to receive the public in all their channels. 

To begin with, you need to understand that low prices are not always enough to attract the public. What really sets you apart from the competition? In this article, we show you how to make your loyalty program stand out amidst so many campaigns and promotions on Black Friday. 

The best strategies for your loyalty program 

  1. Exclusive Rewards

Create unique rewards to be redeemed during Black Friday. You can divide the rewards available at each level, creating a sense of desire so that customers want to consume more to advance within the program. 

In addition to rewards, it may offer special deals for customers who sign up for the loyalty program during Black Friday

  1. Free Shipping 

Offering free shipping is a way to encourage the public to want to proceed with the purchase. Think about how many times you have given up buying something because of the shipping cost.

Without paying for delivery many customers may choose to spend more, and it also encourages new customers to get to know your company. If free shipping is not a viable option, you can offer it only to premium customers and give reduced shipping to regular customers

  1. Early Access 

Let loyalty program customers pick up discounted products before Black Friday, creating a sense of exclusivity that puts you one step ahead of the competition. After all, customers can shop earlier and won't be influenced by other brands' offers

Within tiered loyalty programs the benefit can be reserved for premium customers, creating a desire to move up a level in newly enrolled customers. 

  1. Omnichannel 

It is possible to align strategies that are interconnected among all the company's channels, creating a complete experience for the client and making him loyal to the brand

  1. Memory 

Remind your loyalty program customers about the arrival of Black Friday and to use the points they have accumulated to redeem for discounted products. 

You can also offer gift cards for loyal customers to redeem on Black Friday.

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