How to use data to apply the Job to Be Done methodology

Learn why the use of data is essential to understand the client's needs and then perform the Job To Be Done methodology assertively. 

What is Job To Be Done? 

The term Job To Be Done was created by the administrator and professor Clayton Christensen with the aim of simplifying the identification of customer need and the creation of solutions based on the consumers' context. 

When contacting a brand to consume its product or service, the consumer is engaging it to solve a problem or achieve a goal. The Job To Be Done, therefore, will help the individual to solve that need .

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What is the role of data in Job To Be Done?

In the Job To Be Done strategy, data takes on an extremely important role, as it generates insights into consumers' needs before they even reach out to brands. 

To capture, organise and analyse the right data, it is important to remember that there are three types of needs that motivate the customer to seek a company's solution:

  • Functional
  • Social
  • Emotional

By understanding, in advance, what your customer wants, the brand becomes able to offer the ideal product/service for each individual. As a result, the consumer is satisfied with the shopping experience and the brand generates retention and loyalty. 

Job To Be Done and Dynamic Marketing 

The Job To Be Done is one of the fundamental concepts of Dynamic Marketing, a strategy that promotes Customer Experience, builds customer loyalty and promotes the best results through the union between Marketing and Technology.

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