Loyalty in the food sector: trends, advantages, cases

Loyalty programs for food delivery companies, supermarket chains or online retailers have their own specificities compared to other sectors. 

When designing loyalty programs in the food sector or supermarket reward programs, companies should focus on three points:

  1. Offer freedom of choice, so that customers can choose the rewards they want.
  2. Encourage increased purchases through more attractive and valuable rewards.
  3. Being omnichannelbecause today's customers want experiences that complement each other across several platforms.

The benefits can vary: discount coupons, free food and deliveries and branded gift items such as coffee mugs, home and kitchen utensils, among other things.

Among the various possibilities for loyalty program models, companies can choose the one that best suits the needs of their consumer public. In this way, they can guarantee more engagement and boost the program's results.


Below, we list cases of loyalty programs that will be a benchmark in the food sector.


Clube iFood is a loyalty program that, through a monthly subscription, offers discount coupon plans that can be used to place orders at restaurants registered with iFood.


Domino's Rewards is one of the largest pizzeria loyalty programs in the United States. It was launched in 2019 and rewards users every time they buy a pizza. When you collect 60 points, you can exchange them for another pizza.


Subway, the American fast food restaurant known mainly for its sandwiches, has developed a loyalty program in which customers can earn tokens to receive rewards, personalized offers and more fun surprises. By downloading the app, customers are automatically enrolled in the program.


Rappi Prime is a loyalty program where, through a monthly fee, users receive advantages such as discounts on market products, free shipping for purchases over 30 reais, monthly gifts ranging from consumable products to Rappi Credits which are stored in their virtual wallet. In addition to all these advantages, customers also have Rappi Rewards, which are advantages redeemable after a certain number of orders.


The Hirota Advantage Club is a loyalty program designed for those who like the market. By registering, customers automatically have access to exclusive offers. At the time of purchase, simply enter your CPF number at the checkout. With this program, customers have access to all the market's promotions and purchase selected products with up to 50% off.

Sugar Loaf

Cliente Mais is Pão de Açúcar's loyalty program, used both in physical stores and online. After registering, program participants accumulate points when they make purchases. This balance can be used to buy prizes or exclusive discounts.

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