Loyalty for shopping centers: trends, advantages, cases

Loyalty programs bring enormous benefits to shopping center owners and tenants, and it is a strategy that benefits both sides, because it brings their clients closer and makes them more assiduous consumers, and in exchange the consumers receive advantages and benefits to enjoy a brand they already admire.

In addition to rewards, they can provide a number of innovative features that save time and make every visit to the mall worthwhile. They can also provide marketing teams with relevant data about customer behavior and the performance of your offers and discounts.

Whether you are looking to achieve better traffic or optimize your marketing efforts, it is important that those efforts start with getting to know your customer and personalizing the shopping experience. Loyalty programs can be the key to ensuring just that.

Here at Indico, we carried out Loyalty planning for Multiplan, a shopping center chain whose portfolio includes Shopping Morumbi, Shopping Vila Olímpia and Village Mall. 

Loyalty Programs in Shopping Centers: Advantages

  • Customer satisfaction - Rewards always impact and encourage the customer positively.
  • Better retention - Loyalty programs ensure greater customer return.
  • Organic Promotions - When customers are satisfied with their experience and earn lucrative rewards, they automatically end up referring others, doing word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Bigger information - Data is the new currency. With customer data, you can create new and effective strategies that deliver better ROI. are a great way to ethically source from customers. Customers consensually share their information to receive personalized services, rewards and benefits and give you access to data in return. However, you need to be aware of the LGPD.


Below, we list some cases of loyalty programs in shopping centers that are a reference in the market.

Dubai Mall - Emirates Skywards

The Dubai Mall loyalty program has partnered with an established rewards program: the famous Emirates airline, Emirates.

Catering to tourists, The Dubai Mall allows shoppers to earn Emirates Skyward Miles when they shop. These miles can be used to shop at retailers in the mall itself and around the world with participating brands.

In addition, the loyalty partnership allows customers to access travel-centric benefits such as air class upgrades, car rentals, or hotel discounts.

The Dubai Mall loyalty app offers extra convenience with an interactive map and visit planner.


CapitaStar is Singapore's leading lifestyle and shopping rewards program.

Customers can earn stars on their purchases and meals in Capitaland Malls and Workspaces.

These rewards can range from redeemable vouchers to discounts at participating stores and even free meals at the mall's restaurants.

CapitaStar also partners with American Express, DBS, and other cards to accelerate the accumulation of points.

Harrods Rewards

The famous London department store proposes a tiered loyalty program that focuses on offering its most loyal customers luxurious rewards.

Harrods rewards offer great appeal: these advantages increase with the annual amount spent, starting with standard discounts and working up to luxurious perks such as personal shoppers and free, guaranteed parking. This is an incredible advantage for a busy city like London, where parking spaces in the city center are practically non-existent.

Westfield Rewards 

The Westfield group operates worldwide, with malls in the US, EU, and Australia.

This loyalty program allows shoppers to link their credit cards directly to the loyalty program. This way, whenever they make a purchase at any of the stores, loyalty points are automatically added to their accounts. It's a great feature that reduces the hassle of having to present a QR code at checkout or scan receipts after a purchase.

Its loyalty app perfectly complements the program, allowing customers to look up their points balance and find the best offers to use them. In addition, loyalty members can use the app for its smart parking feature. By signing up with the app, they can reserve a spot before visiting and automatically get in.

Iguatemi One 

Three years ago, Grupo Iguatemi redesigned its relationship program Iguatemi One, which until then had been focused on Iguatemi São Paulo and JK Iguatemi, both in the state capital. The group, however, has 17 malls, two outlets and the e-commerce website Iguatemi 365.

Now the program has a new model, which includes three categories whose benefits are released when the customer reaches a certain level of consumption: Silver, Gold, and Black.

The goal of the program, which has been digitalized and is now accessible via app, is to strengthen the relationship with customers, generating more frequent visits and recurrent purchases. 

Ion Orchard Rewards

Ion Orchard Rewards is a shopping mall loyalty program in Singapore where you can exchange your ION points for shopping and dining privileges

The program also features lifetime membership, parking discounts, voucher redemption, wi-fi access, and in-store privileges with the ability to redeem up to $1,000 in vouchers per year.

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