5 trends for loyalty programs in 2023

As loyalty specialists, we understand that loyalty strategies must be constantly analyzed, evaluated, and rethought in order to keep up with market movements and meet customers' needs and desires. 

The reflexes of the pandemic, the ESG wave, the emergence of new generations of consumers, and other relevant events must be taken into consideration by brands at this time, since they directly impact consumer relations.

Therefore, based on our projects and our expertise on the loyalty market, we have listed the top 5 trends for loyalty programs in 2023.

1. Customization to the max

One of the first steps to achieve customer loyalty today is to understand that customers have taken an increasingly active role in the relationship with brands: they want to feel seen and heard. 

The role of companies, then, is to know their customers in depth so that they can offer a loyalty program with adherent mechanics and awards. 

In addition, a good strategy will allow the customer to be surprised by the right offers, with assertive communications, and at the right moment to generate conversion. 

To operationalize this, you can turn to Dynamic Marketingthe newest marketing modality that is data-driven and based on technologies that enable real-time, ultra-personalized interaction with customers. 

2. Digital immersion

From baby boomers (born between the 1940s and 1960s) to generation Z (born between the late 1990s and early 2000s), everyone has migrated to digital, more or less immersively. 

So as online shopping and digital presence grows, loyalty programs must be designed to work very well in this medium.

Offering experiences phygital experiences (that integrate the physical world and the digital environment) and omnichannel (which provide harmony between all points of contact of the company) is a mandatory requirement to bring the relationship with the customer closer. 

For brands that want to go beyond and plan for the Web 3.0 movement, we have developed a free and complete material on how to build customer loyalty in times of Blockchain, NFTs, and Metaverse.

3. Focus on engagement

Customer engagement is a set of brand interactions with the audience, strategically designed to attract, retain, and keep them loyal.

Far beyond "liking" a product or service, engagement is the customer's participation, interaction, and contribution in a spontaneous way. 

To ensure engagement, the brand needs to provide an experience so good that its users want to share it. This allows the customer to be part of the marketing strategy - talking about the brand (on the internet or not) and referring the company to a new audience that does not know or has never interacted with it.

To understand what's new in the market about engagement and apply the best strategies in your company, just access the eBook on Customer Engagement.

4. Differentiated experiences

Customer Experience is one of the most relevant topics at the moment for Marketing, CRM and Loyalty teams. After all, capturing the customer's attention and making sure they are satisfied with your brand is a challenging task.

One way to overcome this challenge is to think beyond the superficial and innovate in the relationship with customers, generating constant engagement and promoting memorable brand experiences - Sensory, Guerrilla, and Out of Home Marketing are companies' allies at this moment. 

In addition, developing a continuous and personalized communication rule, creating platforms with well planned UX/UI, and promoting a more humanized service positively influence the customer's experience with the brand. 

Technology can also be used in favor of Customer Experience: get to know one of our success casesWe took fun, innovation and engagement to 9 countries in Latin America! 

A tip: want to stay ahead of the competition? Get to know the concept of Total Customer Experiencea new concept on the market that will transform the way you generate positive customer experiences.

5. Loyalty on purpose

The acronym ESG is already widespread in the market and has governed the behavior of organizations from the most diverse sectors that aim to have a positive impact on environmental, social, and governance aspects .

And there is a reason for this movement: customers are paying attention to the way companies relate to society. Some important data prove this: 

  • 61% of consumers consider it important or very important that companies take a stand on social and environmental issues (The Purpose Pulse 2020)
  • 83% of Brazilians buy from brands aligned with their personal values (Global Consumer Pulse by Accenture) 

Therefore, to build loyalty in this context, it is necessary to give purpose to your Loyalty strategy: align your brand's mission with important causes in society and engage your consumers to be part of the change - either by allowing the donation of points to charity, rewarding customers who recycle, encouraging healthier living, among others. 

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