Loyalty 4.0: technology for building loyalty

Learn about Loyalty 4.0, a loyalty strategy that uses technology to generate new experiences and strengthen the relationship between brands and clients. 

The first phase of what we know as Loyalty was focused only on the idea of building customer loyalty based on the accumulation of points, but today we are far ahead of that. With the use of A.I, it is possible to customize strategies based on customer data, which enables the creation of unique, memorable and personalized experiences.

Loyalty 4.0 has become the key to understanding desires and needs of a new consumer from a brand: beyond its products, customer wants to connect with its positioning, its ethics, its work culture. Such identification with various brand characteristics tightens bonds and generates more loyalty. 

In addition, it is necessary to guide customers through the purchase journey, encouraging next-best-action, generating Customer Experience and understanding the new mechanisms and market changes. In this way, the brand becomes capable to develop new loyalty dynamics and promote rewards according to each consumer. 

To understand the importance of Loyalty 4.0, check out its evolution over time: 

Loyalty 1.0

  • Based on a simple points and rewards system;
  • It had to be reinvented to meet new consumer demands and market trends. 

Loyalty 2.0

  • It is data-driven and based on Business Intelligence strategies for data-based decision making. 

Loyalty 3.0

  • Using data, content technology and gamification, this phase of Loyalty aims to create incentive campaigns with more interactive rewards. 

Loyalty 4.0

  • The newest trend in the market to build customer loyalty; 
  • Immersion in hyper-personalization, cross-marketing, data and A.I's to create a loyalty network where each customer is treated completely individually. 

Understanding today's key loyalty trends and applying them to your brand is essential for creating relevant and effective loyalty strategies. Only then you can deliver dynamics and rewards that your customers really want, as well as create a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

To learn more about the world of Loyalty and create the perfect strategy for your company and target audience, check out our additional materials: 

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